OpenCart Watermark v1.1

OpenCart plugins

Supports both OCMOD & VQMOD.
Protect your store’s images using watermark. Put image or text watermark on them, either using the default watermark images provided within this extension or upload your own image.
Multiple options are included to configure.

Specific Features :
– Works both with OCMOD and VQMOD.
– Enable/Disable watermark effect.
– Set watermark position: Top left/Top center/Top right/Middle left/Middle center/Middle right/Bottom left/Bottom center/Bottom right.
– Rotation from 0 to 180 degrees.
– Apply watermark to all images or select your custom image size to apply.
– Apply watermark to all categories or select your desired categories.
– Apply watermark to all products or select your desired products.
– Choose between image or text watermark.
– List of text fonts included or upload your desired font.
– Delete a font if you want.
– Select custom text size.
– Select font color.
– Upload your own image for watermark.
– Select an image for watermark from the list we provide to you.
– 24 hour free support.