Backup software for Windows


ServerBackup Version 1.2

Backing up data is an important safety procedure that can save large amounts of
time and money in case of accident, disk failure, attack by a hacker or virus,
etc. By keeping a backup copy of your important data on another medium, you can
quickly and reliably restore your data to its original state.

ServerBackup V1.2 is a professional high speed application for backing up your data. ServerBackup V1.2 supports creation of multiple Full / Incremental / Differential or Exact Data Copy backup types. Backup data from network computers / local disks / external hard disks / usb flash drives / mapped drives / laptops / CDs / DVDs. Easy to use, ServerBackup V1.2 compresses your data to .SBF / .ZIP / .RAR or .GZ file formats, to the specified location, a network computer / external hard disk / mapped drive / local disk / usb flash drive or FTP Server. An automated procedure that can be programmed for your daily, weekly or monthly backup including file password protection. Plus ServerBackup V1.2 includes a restore backup procedure where you can restore multiple backups at the same time or a single item from your backup, including full backup history, by selecting it just with a simple click! Restore can be made to network computer / external hard disk / mapped drive / usb flash drives / local disk or FTP Server. Also ServerBackup V1.2 includes Data Monitoring ability which lets you watch in real time changes that have been made to your data till the next backup. Let ServerBackup V1.2 protect your data with the most effective way of the latest computer technology.

Main form of ServerBackup v1.2. The main form of ServerBackup
holds information about a backup task and data changes. The form and it’s
functions remains available even if backup tasks are running. However, it can
be minimized and hide to tray running on background.


ServerBackup v1.2 runnning on backgroung in tray icon.

Manage Tasks Form is including all options to create / edit a task.

ServerBackup v1.2 compression options.

ServerBackup v1.2 Exact Data Copy options.

ServerBackup v1.2 Schedule options.

ServerBackup v1.2 Task options.

ServerBackup v1.2 Target Path options.

ServerBackup v1.2 Exclusions options.

Easy Backup Wizard is the easier and fastest method to create backup tasks.
Many users are not well experienced with computers and programs, so there comes ServerBackup’s Easy Backup Wizard,
even for none experienced users to create and run backups.

Backup Process Form is where backup actions take place!
Multiple tasks can run at the same time and manipulate each other separately.
Progress bars of current archive backup process and full backup shows detailed process.
Function buttons Start/Stop/Resume and Cancel are added to make a backup process easier and controlable.

Restore Form is an easy and powerful feature of ServerBakcup.
You can select multiple compressed data and choose between compressed file types (.SBF / .ZIP / .RAR / .GZ).
Restore Process of all files starts after the Start button is clicked. Also a very useful feature is restoring a single item from a compressed archive!
Simple by selecting the item to be extracted from the compressed archive and pressing Restore Selected.
Drag n drop functions are supported, so to be able to select multiple files using Windows Explorer.

Restore By History is another powerful feature of ServerBackup!
It holds all history of a current backup task activity and allows you to choose multiple backed up data to restore using backup’s started date or
select single backup items. After history data selection is made, pressing the OK Button, adds selected history data to the Restore Form.

Minimum System Requirements

The system requirements listed below are recommended as minimums for running
ServerBackup V1.2

OS (32 or 64 bit) : Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2003 / Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / Vista / XP Home and Professional Editions
CPU : 1 GHz
Memory :
512 MB
HDD Space : 30 MB
.Net Framework 4