TaxiPro WordPress Plugin


Click here for a full live demo preview of TaxiPro Administration panel.

– username: demo

– password: demo

TaxiPro is lightweight and easy to use with a lot of settings and options. It uses Ajax technology on the user Front End, this means that it stays on the same page where the plugin is loaded, it does not forwards to other pages or refreshes the page! This makes it faster and safer! Just call it with the shortcode and that’s it!
TaxiPro uses bootstrap and works perfectly on every platform. It’s fully responsive and resizable and works great in PC/Mac/Mobiles and Tablets.

TaxiPro uses Google Maps, for the auto-complete input function on destinations From & To and for calculating distances and travel timings. To enable Google Maps you need a valid API key and set it at the Google Maps settings administration back end.
You must also know that in a statement Google has also announced that in addition to a valid API key, from June 11th, 2018, a current Google Cloud Platform billing account (using a credit card) is required to access core products. Once billing is enabled, all users will get access to $200/month of free monthly usage in credits to use for Maps, Routes and Places products. You can check out their Pricing Sheet to get an idea of how much usage you may be able to get within the limit.

If you don’t want Google Maps to be visible at the User Front End, TaxiPro has the functionality for Google Maps to work in the background. See at Google Maps Settings section. To obtain a Google Map API key click here:
You can Hide or Show control inputs and set and display to the User Front End what fits to your needs.
TaxiPro theme can also be changed to your needs, set the colors, borders, font size, font weight and more.
All inputs at the Front End are dynamically parameterized from the TaxiPro administration Back End which gives you a lot a settings and options to set, such as:

  • Add/Remove Languages, up to 160.
  • Show/Hide Languages input control.
  • Set and Enable Custom Destinations or use the Autocomplete Google Maps feature.
  • Set max number of Passengers/Luggages/Baby seats/Dogs-Pets.
  • Set and Activate Discount Codes within desired dates.
  • Set and Activate Discount Percent on Return.
  • Show/Hide Prive input control and set specific price for Prive.
  • Show/Hide Discount Coupon/Baby Seat/Dogs-Pets input controls.
  • Show Date input control with the desired date format and show/hide time controls.
  • Add/Edit unlimited number of Vehicles.
  • Add/Edit unlimited number of Drivers.
  • Show/Hide Drivers
  • Edit Booking.
  • Cancel Booking.
  • Report module with special search filters.
  • Disabled working dates module.
  • Price settings module, set custom prices per Distance/Person/Baby Seat/Dogs-Pets or custom price variations for fixed destinations.
  • Set and Enable Terms & Conditions link url.
  • Theme Settings. Background color/border/radius and much more.
  • Google Maps settings. Set your Custom Region and Zoom Level or select from up to 230 stored coutries.
  • Select Paypal payment currency, up to 25 different stored currencies.
  • Paypal Settings. Enable/Disable Paypal and choose to test between Sandbox(fake transactions) or Live(real transactions) Paypal environment.
  • Statistics module with filters. Total Earnings and Bookings Charts and Bars Statistics data.
  • Enable/Edit custom email form which is sent after successful booking.
  • Enable/Edit custom email form which is sent when booking is canceled by the administrator.
  • Create custom Discounts.
  • Email Discount module to multiple addressess.