Optical for Windows

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Optical Version 1 Optical is a powerful application for optical stores. It comes with an easy and user friendly interface, optical is the right application for individuals who seek for an easy and reliable software which does not cost a fortune! With optical you can add, edit or delete orders and customers and add, edit […]

Date Reminder for Windows

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DateReminder Version 1 Imagine how much easier your work in a mini market can be without having to look every time about which products are expiring or have expired! DateReminder is an easy and simple application which auto-reminds you about the expiring products. All you have to do is add the product to the application […]

Backup software for Windows


ServerBackup Version 1.2 Backing up data is an important safety procedure that can save large amounts of time and money in case of accident, disk failure, attack by a hacker or virus, etc. By keeping a backup copy of your important data on another medium, you can quickly and reliably restore your data to its […]